Summer Scarves Based on Your Personality - 2013.07.22

There are many types of summer scarves that you can choose from today, and they come in various colors and designs. While most of them look beautiful, not every design may fit your own style and personality. Hence, before shopping for a scarf, it’s best that you know how to find the one that suits your character best.

When shopping for summer scarves, you may want to read on these tips:

1. Printed scarves for the plain clothes.

If you’re the type who values comfort over style, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if you prefer plain and simple fashion outfits. With that said, it would be better to use summer scarves that come in bold prints and lively colors, such as those with artistic detail.

These scarves do more than protect your skin from the heat; they also give life to your otherwise boring outfit without looking offbeat. You’d also enjoy having this kind of scarf around as it establishes your presence in the crowd.

2. Polka dots for the posh.

Meanwhile, if you’re the artsy type and are trying to establish a posh identity in the middle of summer, then perhaps a scarf with a polka dot print would do the trick. Polka dots are very popular among hipsters and vintage fashionistas, even at the height of the summer heat. And yes, this kind of print works well with almost every outfit.

3. Complimentary colors for the bubbly type.

On the other hand, if you are the casual bubbly kind of girl who isn’t after high fashion but doesn’t intend to be a wallflower, then matching your clothes with scarves of complimentary colors would be the best way to go.

Complimentary shades give a pop of color to your already cool fashion, and from there you establish a statement that defines you as a person with a bubbly and cheerful character.

4. Neon colors for the beach goers.

Those who frequent the beach are generally very colorful people, and they always want to stand out. However, when it comes to fashion, they often go for light colored outfits as they work well with their accessories. Thus, if you are a beach fanatic, then it would be a good way to celebrate your style with neon-colored summer scarves.

Among the best colors to use are pink, orange and green, as they match well with plain shirts, denims, and other beach-inspired outfits.

5. Tribal scarves for hipster chic.

Finally, if you’re an advocate of the hipster fashion, then you should go for tribal printed summer scarves. These scarves work well as bandanas or as wrap-around dresses and they as well allow you to celebrate the style that you are following in the middle of the season.

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