Where to Find Unique Scarves - 2013.09.04

But where can you find such distinctive scarves? Well, they are actually everywhere, you just have to know the exact places to look for them. Before we start I will get our quick pitch out of the way. In case you haven't checked out Scialle Shawls yet, we have over 100 stylish and unique scarves designed for our 2013 collection which are itching to come home with you. But back to the real story; here are some more locations where you can find unique scarves!

1. Specialty Shops & Vintage Stores

Specialty shops are found in most major metropolitan areas. You may want to check these stores out because they often  carry items which are no longer in stock. The prices of scarves in these shops vary; some are cheaper than others especially if they are already second-hand items, while the unused ones tend to cost more.

When buying at specialty shops, you may want to go for an attention-grabbing scarf that meets your personal preferences, but if you have an outfit at home that matches the scarf, by all means! This way you can completely avoid buyers remorse.

2. Department Stores

There are also unique scarves in department stores, but these scarves run in high volume, so you can still expect to find someone else using the scarf you've chosen. But if you are in a hurry to find a new one, then department stores are the most convenient; they offer a wide array of choices that you can select from during your shopping adventure.

Besides, once you get a scarf, you can make it unique by introducing your very own style to it.

3. High-end Fashion Boutiques

High-end fashion stores are also among the best places to look for distinct scarves. This is often because of the famous designers, unique designs and of course the price. Though high-end fashion boutiques tend to be very expensive and carry strong brand recognition, if you and I have similar shopping habits, you may end up finding a good excuse to buy a designer scarf. If you happen to stumble upon a beautiful scarf in one of these stores, don’t let it go. Keep in mind that some brands colletions from yesteryear can sometimes go for a lot more money on ebay.

4. Online Stores

There are also online stores that offer unique fashion scarves. Online stores are ideal to shop at as you not only get to browse various collections from many different websites, but you can often find the scaf you're looking for at a discount.

If there’s anything you have to keep in mind about online stores is that you should check the company's delivery policy and shipping options in case you need your scarf right away.

If there’s one important thing to remember when buying unique scarves, or any scarf really is to take the time to research a good choice. Sure, there are a lot of beautiful, not to mention flashy looking scarves out there in the market, but you can always do with a plain but elegant piece, so long as you know how to make the most of it. After all, style can really make a difference, and the decision on how to wear your scarf is enirely up to you.

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