Top Reasons Silk Scarves are the Best Summer Accessory - 2013.09.05

Silk scarves are among the best accessories that you can wear during the summer. Besides being fashionable these scarves also compliment most of the garments that represent the season.

Among the other reasons to include silk scarves are:

1. The shimmery fabric gives you enough shade.

It may be hot during the summer days, and wearing silk scarves can do more than just cover your neck. You can turn your scarf into a hood  by simply wrapping it once over your head which can be useful when going out under the sun. This has been a common practice among the younger generations of ladies during the sunny days, especially when they head to the beach, or out for a walk in the park. With a scarf covering your hair, they get to maintain your look while protecting yourself from UV rays during  a day of fun under the sun.

2. Silk scarves also highlight your outfit.

If you’re already own a bold-print dress or the typical shirt-shorts combo, a silk scarf helps in making your outfit more vibrant. It adds a sense of variety to the printed patterns and colors on your dress, thus the whole getup becomes more entertaining to look at. Meanwhile, if you’re wearing plain casual clothes, the scarf adds a statement to the otherwise regular attire.

Scarves are very important as fashion accessories because they help create a signature style to your look. You won’t stay within the crowd, but rather stand out from the rest of them because of a single piece of silk fabric, something even the best jewelry cannot do.

3. Silk scarves can be used as shawls at night.

If you are going out and are looking for ways to cover up, then a scarf can be a good alternative to a sweater or cardigan. It's easy to wrap around your body and just as east to remove, or put inside your purse if you don’t want to use it anymore. Scarves also tend to be more comforting compared to sweaters, as the summer nights can be colder than you'd expect on occasion.

4. Cover up with a silk scarf!

Another useful tip for the beachgoers - you can use a scarf to cover your bikini before you head out to the ocean, or use it as a mat when grabbing a picnic on the sandy shores.

You can also use silk scarves to cover your face when the day is utterly dusty or windy; it protects you from inhaling the dust or getting hit in the eyes.

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