How To Wear A Large Scarf - 2017.09.24


Remember not to have a necklace on that could snag!


1. Hold scarf in front of you with the length going from right to left between your 2 hands.

2. Take one hand, and gather the center width of the scarf, creating a soft fold in your hand.

3. Place that gathered part at the back of your neck. The two length sides will now fall over your shoulders.

4. Leave one length side longer than the other, a few inches above one hip.

5. Take the longer length side, and drape it around your neck, all the way around, leaving a space in front to "frame your neck".  You can now position the loose fringe ends and make your chic and generous, sophisticated large scarf.

6. Pull lightly on the scarf to adjust the best look for you.


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