How to Personalize a Unique Scarf - 2013.11.21

But there are actually ways to come up with a unique scarf, the kind that truly promotes your persona. Among the ways to achieve this kind of fashion uniqueness are:

Shop for a unique shawl during your travels.

If you are going on a vacation, then perhaps it is best to take that as an opportunity to shop for shawls and scarves. This gives you a better chance of finding a unique neckpiece as local artisans and weavers make many of the designs in these places.

The fabrics used in such distant places are also different from the ones you find back home, and they come at relatively less expensive prices. You can then own a scarf that totally represents your style and as well exude a sense of eccentricity.

Check out the thrift and antique shops.

Meanwhile, if you have the penchant for something old, then why not visit a thrift shop or a store that sells old clothes and accessories. These stores offer a wide variety of unique scarves and shawls from over the decades. What makes these pieces unique is that you cannot really find brands or companies that come up with such styles anymore due to technological changes.

When choosing a unique shawl or scarf in antique stores, you may want to examine the pieces closely first and look for holes, torn areas and other forms of slight damage. Of course, you cannot go for the broken items, as they no longer offer durability.

It would also be helpful to learn more about the history of the scarf or shawl that you found so that you know how to handle the piece and care for it accordingly.

Add your own twist.

There are people who do not have the knack for shopping abroad or in antique shops. If you are among these people, then you can always settle for a plain scarf instead, and create your own twist on it.

You can add your own attachments, from sequins to buttons and other items you think would look great on the piece.

When it comes to scarves, buttons are preferred as they create a certain hipster vibe on the piece. Shawls meanwhile do better with sequins or crystals as they are worn during special occasions and formal events.

Use other accessories.

If you’re not into sewing, then you can grab your scarf or shawl and use a brooch or pin on them. Of course, when attaching such accessory, you may want to go for pieces that have attention-grabbing designs and patterns, or those that come with a strong appeal. This is because these brooches and pins will serve as the highlight of your scarf or shawl, making it look totally unique.

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