Maintenance Tips for Your Summer Shawl - 2013.08.03

If you happen to have a favorite summer shawl and would like to keep it as bright and new as ever, then here are some maintenance tips that you can do:

1. Hand washing is always recommended.

Hand washing is one of the most effective ways to maintain the beauty of your summer shawl. This is because unlike machine washing, hand washing gives a more subtle force in terms of cleaning the shawl. Hand washing also prevents the shawl from getting tangled with other garments as it is cleaned and dried separately.

2. Do not bleach.

Unless you are cleaning a plain white kind, do not ever bleach your shawl. Bleaching ruins the color of the shawl and the quality of its fabric because of its chemical ingredients; doing this will only taint the color of your shawl and loosen its fabric, making it prone to damage.

3. Air dry.

It is also very important to air dry your summer shawl. Air drying helps strengthen the fabric of the shawl, brighten its color and make it more durable. It also protects the shawl from breeding molds once it is stored in your closet.

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