You're At Risk of a Winter Scarf and Shawl Disaster! - 2013.12.04

You know you should have done this in the summer but you know how that goes, and now winter is starting to get really serious and real soon. We don’t want to cause a panic, but we have to inform you that you are in mortal danger of having to wear last year’s scarves and shawls. Oh the humanity! But calm down, it’s not too late if you act fast, and lucky for you you’re at the best place to buy a winter scarf or buy a winter shawl. Scialle always keeps emergency supplies on hand to deal with situations like this. Let’s get you outfitted in style.

First of all arm yourself with a classic, all occasion accessory like our Unito Black Winter Scarf, with it’s featherweight cashmere luxuriousness and dark color to match anything from jeans to that little black dress. It’s oversized, fringed, sexy and Italian, and will satisfy your most immediate winter fashion needs. Now you can breath a bit easier and start to think about more flair, but keep in mind you’ve only got one so far and you have to be a little conservative. Consider a playful but still a relatively general mainstay like one of the season’s new arrivals, the Unito Deep Rose Scarf. Ok, maybe it’s pink, but pink is always in, and with its solid eye-catching color is still appropriate for almost any occasion, besides maybe funerals, and for that you have your first choice.

Now that you’re covered for the basics you can go hog wild. May we suggest another new arrival, our cute and crazy Multi Floral Print with Mini Polka Border Black and Orange Scarf? It’ll help sooth those jangled nerves from your near fashion disaster.

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