SPRING Scarf Basics - 2017.04.25

In fall and winter, the purpose of weraring scarf is twofold- to keep warm, and to accent an outfit.

In the spring, we can lossen up a bit on the warmth issue, although the wind still blows and sometimes mornings are colder than later in the day. Scarves are still a warmth factor, although the materials are lighter, and one doesnt need to pull the scarf so tightly around the neck.

Below is a photo of a Scialle scarf from the site www.halsbrook.com, a fabulous fashion e-tailer.

As you can see, the model is wearing a sweater jacket and a shirt- so her outfit is meant for spring. The beautiful addition of the scarf completely "pops" the neutral outfit. The scarf is composed of linen, modal and silk, all breathable fibers. Worn like this with a few light layers of clothing, the scarf will keep the neck warm for those early spring days when clouds, wind, sun and rain often vie for space in a day.


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