How to Safe Keep Your Fall Shawl - 2013.08.03

If you happen to have a favorite fall shawl, then the best thing you can do after using it for almost the entire season is to preserve it. You wouldn’t want to leave it lying around in the house until it gets damaged, right? So if you want to maintain your shawl’s beauty and be able to use it next season, then here are a few simple safekeeping tips that you can do:

1. Fold and store in plastic.

One of the best ways to keep the beauty of your fall shawl is by folding it neatly and then storing it in plastic. Folding is very important as you cannot just roll your shawl and tuck it in your closet; it needs to be neatly folded in order to maintain its shape.

Since shawls are very soft, you may want to use a cardboard to serve as its folding base; this way you won’t have a problem putting it inside the plastic bag.

2. Vacuum in an air-tight container if you can.

Another effective way in storing your fall shawl is by placing it in a vacuuming it in an airtight plastic container. This keeps the molds away from getting into your shawl, as they will not be able to pass through the plastic, as this is a common problem in shawls that are kept hanging in the closet.

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