How to Shop for a Winter Shawl - 2013.08.03

So how do choose a winter shawl that fits your needs? Here are some ways:

1. Look for a warm cozy color.

Winter colors are often white, dark blue, brown, gray and olive green. There are also some burnt yellows and reds that were important from the fall palette. If you are going to choose a shawl for the winter, then you may want to choose a shade where you’re most comfortable in, as you will be using it almost throughout the season. If you wish to go with red, go with red; the same goes if you’re inclined to the blues and browns.

2. Feel the fabric.

While most shawls have a thin fabric consistency, winter shawls come in thick kinds and are even sometimes knitted. Perhaps it would be best to go with a shawl with thick fabric makeup, as you are after its ability to protect you from the staggering cold of the season. Choosing a knitted winter shawl also good as long as it looks good on your style too (as many knitted shawls are not as fashionable as other types).

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