Other Pretty Uses of Your Summer Scarf - 2013.08.03


But during the staggering heat of the sunny days, do you still wear your summer scarf around your neck? Well, have this kind of accessory on your neck can be tad annoying, as it has the tendency to make you feel itchy and hot during the day.

summer scarf does have other uses aside from being a neck accessory. All you need to do is be creative in order to enjoy its wacky uses to the fullest. Among the ways to use your pretty scarf are:

1. As a bandana.

While a summer scarf does not have a functional purpose when wrapped around the neck, it does become a total must-have on the head. It can easily serve as a protective headgear by wrapping it around your head so that your crowning glory won’t be exposed to the harsh effects of the sun.

You can use your scarf as a bandana when going out to run errands, or when going to the beach. The sea winds are often gusty, thus a bandana helps in keeping your hair intact while frolicking in the shores.

2. As a necklace.

Using your summer scarf as a necklace is also a good way to show off your fashionable side. This works best especially for girls wearing tube tops or spaghetti strapped blouses, as these leave a bare neck and chest area that needs to be accessorized. A scarf as a necklace gives one an outdoorsy style, in contrast to the typical necklace made of plastic or chain.

When using a scarf as a necklace, you may want to match a bold print with a plain summer dress, so that the colors and patterns won’t clash.

3. As a handbag accessory.

If you’re not into using your scarf yet but would like to keep it ready, then perhaps you should not keep it inside your bag-rather, you wrap it around your bag’s handle.

This is one quirky way of accessorizing your bag especially it looks a little boring. The scarf covering the handle would give it a pop of color. You can even use a couple of scarves to cover both handles too.

4. As a ponytail.

Summer days are often hot and muggy, and if you have long hair then for sure you’d be looking for ways to keep it in away from touching your skin. If you’re not a fan of ponytail bands, then you can use your scarf to tie your hair into place. Scarves are capable of holding your hair for several hours especially when secured properly, all you have to do is tie it around your hair in a neat but strong manner.

If you’re tired of having a ponytail, then you can immediately switch to a headband using the same scarf.

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