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Maintenance Tips for Your Summer Shawl

Summer shawls often come in bright and bold colors, and have a thinner fabric consistency unlike other kinds. With that said they are more prone to damage, especially when exposed to extreme outdoor conditions and when they are used almost all the time. It is therefore important to learn how to take care of your summer shawl so that it would last longer than you expected.

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How to Safe Keep Your Fall Shawl

Fall shawls are always a favorite accessory especially among women, and it’s not just because of their classy and elegant appeal-they are known to be versatile when it comes to keeping up with various fashion styles.


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How to Shop for a Winter Shawl

One of the most difficult shawl types to shop for these days is a winter shawl. Well, this kind of shawl may come in various styles and designs, but you have to look beyond the fashion aspect in order to get one that serves you best. Winter shawls should not only be stylish, but as functional at the same time, as they are made to provide you with warmth and comfort amidst the chilly winds.

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Where to Shop for a Spring Shawl

Spring shawls are fun and light, and they are often used as fashion pieces rather than actual wraparounds. And because of their fashionable nature, it can be difficult to find spring shawls that come in simple patterns and designs.

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Other Pretty Uses of Your Summer Scarf

Summer scarves are often bold and colorful, as they showcase the season where the sun shines the most. Hence, if you have a summer scarf at hand, then for sure it has never failed to make you look shining bright as well.

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Summer Scarves Based on Your Personality

Summer is among the best times of the year to wear a scarf. Among many things, you need something to protect you against the sun’s prickly heat, and there are instances when it’s inconvenient to wear a hat or use a parasol for that. And yes, scarves make you look more stylish, so yes, it’s a must to have one ready to use.

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How to Gracefull Wear a Large Scarf

Anyone can wear a large scarf- tall, short, or inbetween- proportion is the key!

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SPRING Scarf Basics

Many people ask about how to wear scarves in the spring

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