Trendy Fall Scarf Designs to Match Your Style - 2013.08.03

A fashionable fall scarf comes in different styles and patterns. With the right design, you are able to enjoy its functions to the fullest, and even continue using it as seasons change without looking off.

Among the top trends in fall scarf designs that you may choose from are:

1. Retro stripes.

Retro stripe autumn scarves are popular among college students who want to embrace the hipster style. These scarves usually have a brown base color, then are filled with stripes of vintage yellow, cyan blue, green and carnation pink, and sometimes white. Retro scarves are very versatile; they can be worn together with corporate outfits or street style clothes, and match almost every type of outerwear too.

2. Maple scarves.

Maple scarves are usually those that come in earth colors, particularly those that represent the burnt maple leaves. These scarves truly represent the fall season, as they are washed in the shades of yellow, orange, brown, and red. You can easily feel the autumn vibe in these scarves, I really enjoy wearing them during afternoon strolls in the park.

These fall-inspired scarves are perfect for casual walks and not-so-formal gatherings. They can also be worn during winter as well.

3. Checkered scarves.

Checkered scarves are popular during the fall season because of their high-fashion vibe. A lot of celebrities usually opt for checkered scarves as they offer a look of modernity, elegance and class. If you are going to use this kind of fall scarf, the perhaps it’s best to pair it with evening dresses and corporate outfits, as it helps establish a serious, commanding personality.

If you’re trying to achieve a casual look in your autumn clothing, then you can try using this kind of scarf as it also matches street fashion in many major cities.

4. Multi-tone scarves.

There are also multi-tone scarves that do not come in stripes or patterns, but rather as layers of colors. You may want to use this kind of fall scarf provided that it gives a pop of bright color on your outfit, or if it complements your overall ensemble.

These scarves are likewise ideal for casual getups, or even for college outfits, such as the t-shirt and jeans combo. Most college students find definition in the accessories they use, so this kind of fall scarf would be a good choice.

5. Fringed scarves.

Fringed scarves are as well popular during the fall season. These scarves add a Bohemian look to an outfit, and at the same time help in keeping one warm. If you are going to use this kind of scarf, then you may as well match it with a dress or a sleeveless top, as the fringes complement the bare arms. You may also go with brightly colored scarves as they stimulate a warmer vibe in the midst of the cool autumn air.

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