How to Choose a Useful Winter Scarf - 2013.08.03

Getting the wrong winter scarf can get you in big trouble, especially when the coldest days of the year start to arrive. You will be relying on your scarf for comfort even when indoors, and not having a reliable one will only make you feel the chills frequently.

So how do you choose a winter scarf? Below are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Go for thick scarves.

If you are going to use a winter scarf, then pick one that comes in a thick width and fabric, as these are more capable of keeping your warm. Spring and summer scarves are thinner and cannot provide the insulation you need during the cold snowy days, thus the thick ones are more appropriate.

Thick scarves can also be used as wraparound shawls in case you still feel cold too.

2. Select scarves that are made of cotton or wool.

What makes a winter scarf different is that it is often made of either cotton or wool, two fabrics that are thicker than others such as silk or chiffon. These kinds of scarves are very comfortable and make you feel like you’re being hugged whenever they’re wrapped around your neck.

Wool scarves are perfect for winter not only because of their thick fabric, but also because of their capability to provide adequate insulation to the body. You can use these scarves during the coldest winter days, or if you frequently go out of the house during the snowy season.

3. You may go with darker shades.

winter scarf with a darker shade is more functional than one that has a lighter color. This is because darker hues absorb more heat than the lighter ones. So yes, if you are shopping for a scarf for this season, the better go with the deep blues, greens, and reds. The yellows and oranges are okay, as long as they are in solid opaque shades.

You can also go for bold patterns and designs, as these scarves also give a pop of color to the otherwise gloomy winter vibe. However, make it a point to go for the deep-set tones so that you’d still feel warm during the cold winter days.

4. Knitted scarves?

Knitted scarves are among the top choices for winter, as they offer the same level of warmth and comfort as that of wool scarves. They can also be custom made; if you have the knack for knitting then you can just make your own.

If there’s one thing about knitted scarves is that they are not as fashionable as other types of winter scarves. Perhaps what you can do here is to add your own creative twist if in case you’re going to make one, so that you’d have a winter scarf that truly represents your style. For the DIY types out there, find some unique patterns that interest you, and colors that highlight your best outfits.

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