Spring Scarf Colors to Match Your Style - 2013.08.03

So which spring scarf colors are worth checking out? Here some cool picks:

1. Yellow.

Lemon yellow is one of the best colors to use for a spring scarf. This kind of yellow is light on the eyes and complements almost every fashion trend. It also works well with other colors such as orange, blue and even pink. If you are trying to establish a light and flimsy vibe to your outfit, then this is the shade to get.

2. Pink.

Pink is another fun color to use for your scarf during spring. Pink is energetic yet cute at the same time, and it works well with various fashion outfits. You can match a cute pink scarf with your casual getups, and use it during your strolls and jogging sessions. You can also use it as an accessory to your shirt-and-jeans combo.

You can also go for pink patterns on your scarf, alongside other shades such as yellow, orange, white, and blue. However, it may not be best to pair it with green unless they do not overpower each other.

3. Orange.

Orange is a strong color that’s often seen during fall, but it is also present in spring. However, you may want to minimize the use of orange as a solid shade in scarves, as they tend overwhelm the rest of your outfit.

If you like orange in your scarf, then you can go for printed patterns with the said shade on it. Floral patterns also work well in orange scarves, as they represent the season and offer a sense of variety.

4. Green.

Green is a cool color for every spring scarf as it is the symbol of fertility and freshness. You may want to use a green scarf on a floral dress, or go for scarves with specs of the shade on them. You may also opt for sea green shades, as they are cool on the eyes and are able to match well with different fashion tastes.

5. Purple.

Another nice color that you can use for your spring scarf is purple. Purple is inviting but unassuming, and works with other complimentary colors without looking awkward. You can also go for scarves with lavender prints on them, as the subtle touch of purple gives enough variety to any outfit. Just don’t overdo the purple shade; it's a color that tends to work best in moderation.

A helpful tip when choosing a scarf for the spring season

When looking for a spring scarf, it may be great to go for cotton or knitted fabrics. This is because while the sun is already shining during this season, the weather can still be a bit cold. You can gradually switch to a scarf with a light fabric as the temperature heats up.

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