What to Look for in Imported Scarves - 2013.08.27

If you're shopping for imported scarves here are some things to consider:

1. Know where the scarf is from.

A French scarf is very different from a Chinese scarf. You can expect scarves made of chiffon in France, and silk in China, and this helps narrow down your options in choosing the one to buy. Knowing where the scarf is made allows you to see whether the make and fabric suit your own style choices, as this will help in creating your own signature style.

2. Feel the scarf for comfort.

Not all imported scarves provide the same kind of comfort. This is because some are thinner or thicker than others, or are more (or less) irritating to the skin. What you can do here is conduct a skin test on that scarf you want to get, and see if it works well with your senses. This way, you will enjoy using this scarf anywhere you go.

Imported scarves don't need be expensive! At Scialle Shawls, you can get an imported stylish scarf at around 40% discount, thanks to our ongoing Spring/Summer clearance sale.

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