How to Take Care of Classy Scarves - 2013.08.30

Some scarf owners go to the extreme by having their scarves dry-cleaned, just to keep their accessories at best shape. However, since dry-cleaning can be expensive, you may want to look for good alternatives to maintain the beauty of your classy scarves.

Among the best ways to keep your scarves and shawls elegant looking are:

1. Hand washing is still the best.

Hand washing is still preferred for scarves and shawls. For one, these fabrics are not heavy and therefore are easy to clean by hand. At the same time, you are able to control the way the scarves are washed, as you apply the force using your own hands.

Hand washing also gives you a better appreciation of the scarf, as by cleaning it you get to see its fabric’s real beauty and structure, something you won’t get through machine washing.

2. Avoid strong detergent.

Another important factor to consider when cleaning classy scarves is that you need to be careful to use the right detergent. Apart from cleaning force, scarves easily get damaged when applied with a strong detergent, such as those that contain alcohol or chlorine. These chemicals are strong enough to make the scarf’s fabric thinner and eventually form holes.

You may want to settle with a softer detergent as while it may not contain chemicals that are capable of removing stains, they are just right to make scarves look brand new.

3. Air drying.

Air drying is one of the key factors in keeping your classy scarves looking the way they are. Rather than machine drying, air drying lets the scarf fabric drip away the water naturally. This may take more time, but it is actually more effective in keeping the longevity of the scarf.

If you want to dry scarf faster, then you can hang it in front of an electric fan for a few hours until it fully dries.

4. Avoid sunlight.

While air drying is a must in caring for classy scarves, sunlight is an ultimate no-no. Sunlight has this ability to make delicate fabrics brittle or look yellowish. You can dry your scarves and shawls under the sun but only during early mornings or late afternoons; this way your scarves are able to dry and warm up without getting damaged by extreme heat.

5. Store in a cool dry place.

Lastly, it is very important to store your scarves in a cool, dry place. A closet would do, provided that they are properly kept.

One option in storing scarves is by hanging. You can place the scarves in a hanger and store it inside a certain area inside the closet. With this option the scarves are able to breathe and stay fresh all the time.

Another method of storing scarves is by folding. They can be folded and kept neatly inside the cabinet. Folding may cause crumples though, so it is important to know the proper way of folding scarves so that they would look good when used.

It is also a must to keep storage places clean disinfected and you may also place insect repellents to protect the scarves from pests such as moths that might feast on them.

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