Ways to Tie Square Scarves - 2013.08.30

If you happen to have a collection of square scarves but are still having trouble tying them, then here are a few tricks that you can follow:

1. The Cowgirl Drape

The cowgirl drape is one of the easiest ways to tie square scarves. The first step to creating this look is by folding this scarf diagonally in half, forming a triangle. Then place 1/3 end if the folded scarf on the right shoulder, and after that wrap the rest of the scarf around the neck to create a loop. To secure the drape, place the other end of the scarf under the loop, then adjust accordingly.

The cowgirl drape is a pretty common style, especially with women who want to accessorize their collared shirts. They can keep the loop of the scarf under the collar, and then make the exposed part puffier. This style helps cover the neck area and can be used as an alternative to wearing a necklace.

2. Loop and Knot

The loop and knot style meanwhile is popular with casual outfits, as it is an easygoing method of wearing scarves. It is a versatile style too, thus both men and women use it.

In the loop and knot, the first thing you have to do is to fold the scarf diagonally into a triangle, then fold it towards the edges to form a long slender shape. Once made, you can place the scarf around your neck, with the ends coming back to the front of your shoulders. From there you can do a loop similar to that of the cowgirl drape, and afterwards you tie the ends of the scarf to create a knot.

3. The Loose Tie

Square scarves can also be turned into neckties, but in a rather loose fashion. If you want to recreate the traditional tie using a scarf, then here’s what you can do:

Do the first two steps in the loop and knot style (see above), then drape the scarf on both shoulders until the ends are parallel to each other. From there you can make a loose knot on one end of the scarf then insert the other end to create a necktie look. From this point you’ve already made a loose tie; all you have to do next is adjust the knot so that the scarf won’t get loose and fall off while wearing it.

The loose tie style is also a good way to accessorize dresses and blouses with collars, as they give a more sophisticated vibe to the outfit.

4. Rectangle Knot

You can use square scarves for rectangle knots. In this style, all you have to do is fold the scarf in half, drape it around your neck, then tie the ends to create a knot. To add more style, place the knot one side so that one end hangs in the front and the other at the back.

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