When are the Best Times to Wear Women’s Scarves? - 2013.09.04

But when are the best times to wear women’s scarves? Here are some occasions:

1. When you’re dress could use something to spice it up.

If you happen to be wearing a dress with plain color and structure, then a woman’s scarf would be a great accessory. You can drape one around your neck or turn it into a knot, so that you can break the monotony of your outfit. The scarf will also be a focal point of your style, so the attention of the beholder would be from your neck up.

2. When you want to add a feminine touch to your casual wear.

There are times when wearing shirts and jeans can make you too casual or manly. This can look boring too especially when you’re wearing the same combination of clothes on a regular basis. A scarf wrapped around your neck can make a big difference though, as it not only keeps you warm, but as well gives you a commanding yet feminine look.

3. When you’re attending a semi-formal event.

There are also instances when you have to look chic. However, if you are wearing a shirt, jeans and sneakers to a cocktail event, then perhaps you can make do with a scarf to add a pop of sophistication. You can wrap the scarf into a loose tie or a drape, as these styles help promote an artsy-chic appeal to your otherwise casual getup.

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