Perk Up Your Style with a Red Shawl - 2013.09.23

There are many ways to improve your style with a red shawl, and among those that have been proven to be really effective are:

1. A moderate cover for your bareback dresses.

If you’re going out on a date and would be wearing a light-colored dress, then it’s best to match it with a shawl of red shade. This is because the shawl will not only keep you warm outside; its color will also brighten up your ensemble. It also balances the striking features of your frock, especially if you’re wearing a rather shiny or glittery outfit.

If you’re going light and casual, then you may opt for a red scarf instead. While it may not provide as enough cover up as a shawl, it does serve as a great neck accessory.

2. A compliment for the earth tones.

What makes the color red extra special is that it matches well with other colors aside from the light shades. For example, if you are thinking of dressing Bohemian one of these days, then a red scarf would work well with the browns and burnt oranges. You can use it as a neck accessory or as a wrap around the waist to highlight the hip area.

Meanwhile, if you have a shawl at hand, then you can use it as a bandana to give your head an authentic boho-chic look. This would work best especially when your shawl is made of sheer fabric, as it provides more cover for the head.

3. The alternative belt.

Meanwhile, if it’s the height of the summer and you’re not feeling your shawl to serve its primary purpose, then it would be best to use it as an alternative belt.

A thick red shawl belt would work well with the traditional fashion of cropped shirts and denim shorts; you no longer have to wear a belt as it would serve the same style purpose, and as well give your outfit a modern yet classic look. You can also do the same when wearing plain casual denim outfits; after all, when you’re tired of your belts, you can switch to the artsy scarf style.

4. Faux pas jumper.

If you have an extra-long red shawl or red scarf, then you can create a unique twist on it by turning it into an alternative jumper. It works this way:

You wrap the shawl or scarf around your neck then tuck the ends inside your jeans or pants. Snug your waist tight with a belt and guess what? You already have a faux pas jumper that gives you a uniquely defined look. And yes, this style is so high fashion, some of today’s models have been doing it too.

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