Common Colors on Italian Scarves - 2013.09.23

Most Italian scarves come in an array of colors, the most popular ones include:

1. Coral blue.

Coral blue is a shade of blue that represents the sea and its elements. Italian-themed scarves often use blue as a backdrop, then on it are intricate designs. Blue scarves of this type are best worn during summer and fall, as they provide a cool, fresh and watery vibe.

2. Goldish ellows.

Gold and yellows are also an important staple in Italian scarves, along with silver. Gold and silver symbolize royalty, something Italy is known for. You can go with gold and silver scarves, provided that they also have patterned prints, as solid shades tend to be too flashy to the eyes. You can also go for gold details over solid block colors, such as blue or black.

3. Brown.

Brown and its transcending shades are also popular in Italian fashion, thus you can find them in scarves. Brown may also come in metallic bronze, which compliments gold and silver styles.

Brown Italian scarves work well with white, black, and green outfits. They are also great with tans and burnt yellows too. Brown can be a strong shade though, so you might want to wear scarves of this shade sparingly, or when you can properly match it with the rest of your outfit.

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