Ways to Keep Your Lace Scarf in Best Shape - 2013.09.30

But lace is a high maintenance fabric, and we all know it. Not knowing how to clean one may cost you a lot in the long run. Lace shawls are more expensive than the cotton ones, and often have unique patterns. Getting yours ruined just because you weren't able to clean it right may just end you up with regrets later on. Here are some quick ideas to help you keep your lace scarves in the best condition.

First, you may want to know the material on which the scarf is made. You can check if it is made of cotton or polyester, if it is handmade or machine-produced. This is a very important step because from here you will know how to properly clean your scarf. 

Most scarves are made of a mix between cotton and polyester, especially when they are done by machine. In this case, you can run them through the washing machine at delicate settings using mild detergent. This is because scarves of this make are more capable of withstanding the force of the machine without enduring major damage.

If your shawl is made by hand, then it would be better to wash it by hand too. This is because you have better control of the pressure when cleaning the fabric. 

You may also want to use fabric conditioner when rinsing the lace scarf or shawl. Fabric conditioners help in reduce the stiffness of the lace, and as well make it easy for the stain to be removed from the fabric. 

Fabric conditioners also speed up the drying process of lace, making them a good supplement when air drying the scarf or shawl.

When washing a lace scarf or shawl, it is also an imperative to soak them in warm water first. This is because the temperature plays a role in softening the stain on the fabric. From there it would be easier to clean the item without damaging its surface. 

If your lace shawl only needs cleaning because it has been worn a number of time, then you may refrain from scrubbing it. It gets clean after being soaked on water with fabric conditioner and mild detergent for at least half an hour, and then you can immediately rinse it. However, if the fabric has a distinct stain on it, then it would be a must to scrub that particular area only, and not the rest of the shawl.

Once you're done with the washing, then you should also know how to dry your lace shawls and scarves right.

You may want to hang your scarf or shawl dry as it is the most recommended method of caring for items made of lace. There's no need to expose it to sunlight or go through fan drying-just let the excess water to drip out of it.

If you are in a hurry, you can place your scarf in front of an electric fan so it would dry faster. However, this method only works best with machine-made scarves, and not so much on the handmade types. 

If you are thinking of machine-drying your lace scarf, then you can do so by inserting the scarf in a mesh bag first so that the fabric would be protected against the pressure of the dryer.


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