The Best Times to Wear a Black Shawl - 2013.09.30

However, a black scarf or shawl is now a popular item in various fashion styles. If you are looking for a way to add a classy and elegant touch your outfits, then scarves of this color may just do the trick.

Among the best times to wear a black shawl are:

1. When wearing something white.

White dresses, shirts and blouses tend to be very boring. This is because you only glow in one color, and it becomes imperative to accessorize to give some life to the outfit. With a black shawl at hand, you add a touch of class to a plain white dress, particularly when it is worn as a stole. It adds elegance, but not in an intimidating way.

You can also wrap a black scarf if you're wearing a white collared shirt. It adds a corporate feel to your shirt, and at the same time increases your feminine appeal.

2. When you want a poncho-but don't have an actual one.

Wearing a poncho can be cute particularly at times when you need to cover your chest area (like when you're wearing a tube top and it becomes utterly cold). You can improvise one using a shawl, as it is wide enough to cover your upper body. 

You can turn your shawl into a poncho by letting it hang on either of your shoulders, then tie the ends at the opposite arm. You can also connect the opposite ends of the shawl using a pin or clip in case you want to highlight your open shoulder.

3. When adding layers.

There are times when even if you're wearing a seemingly posh dress, it still looks boring because of the lack of texture. If you want to add variety on your outfit without creating a ridiculous color combination, then you can wear a black shawl instead.

You may want to wear one that's made of sheer or lace, as these offer a distinct feel to any outfit. you can cover up your shoulders with the shawl, just let it hang on your elbows while mingling with friends at a party.

Sheer shawls also give a good translucent effect to your outfit, especially when you're wearing a l0w-back cocktail dress and you want to tone down its rather provocative appeal.

4. When you want to feel warm.

thick black scarf works best when worn to fight the cold. You may want to bring one when heading to places where the temperature is lower such scarves and shawls not only keep you warm, the black shade also absorbs more heat compared to lighter colored ones. 

The best black shawls and scarves that can make you feel warm are those made of cotton and wool. However, you can also go for those of delicate fabrics, such as silk and cashmere, as they are also capable of providing warmth during the cold days. 

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