Scarfs or Scarves: Solving the Grammar Issue - 2013.10.05

So what really is the score: is it scarfs, or scarves?

Well, it's like this. Both variants are correct, technically speaking. In fact, "scarfs" were first used to indicate a scarf in multiple pieces. It was very popular in 19th century literature, as this was the time when the accessory was first in its peak.

But like many words, the scarf underwent a grammar evolution, mainly due to the phonetic change it goes through when pronounced in plural form. The "fs" sound becomes a "vs" sound, thus the birth of the term "scarves," which is now the more accepted plural form of the word today.

It is also safer to use scarves nowadays, not only because of its modern acceptance, but also because the term "scarfs" is already used for something else.

Rather than being a noun, "scarfs" is used as a verb that means to eat. It is part of the phrasal verb "scarf down," and often associated with a barbaric type of eating.

For example, "the dog scarfs down a piece of meat." In this sentence, the term "scarfs" was used to indicate that the dog is doing something on the subject, or in this case, the meat.

So yes, if you are confused between scarfs and scarves, then just go with the latter. It's not only technically correct; the "vs" sounds more appropriate compared to the "fs" variant.

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