Choose Winter Scarves that Suit You - 2013.08.03

Scarves are used not only for fashion during winter. They are very important accessories because they prevent you from experiencing the cold during a snowy day. You cannot go out of the house without a scarf wrapped around your neck, so you should have a few that’s ready to use right away.

But how exactly should you choose winter scarves? Below are some helpful tips:

1. Plain scarves for regular days.

If you are the type who goes out of the house a lot (like going to school or work), then perhaps you should stick to the plain colored winter scarves such as those in the colors white, blue, dark and olive green. These scarves are very versatile; they work with every kind of fashion style.

2. Scarves with frills.

There are also winter scarves that come with frills in the ends. These frills are fashionable and at the same time functional; they provide a source of extra warmth during a very cold and snowy day. These scarves are ideal for casual outfits, as they tend to look fun and quirky.

3. Square winter scarves.

Square is a fabric design that’s popular in scarves. The boxy lines add a touch of elegance to the scarf, so if you are trying to achieve posh look then this is the type of accessory to use. These scarves are highly popular during the holiday season, as they can be found in holiday colors and often represent the yuletide cheer.

Square scarves come in different colors and styles. If you’re going to use on during a normal winter day, then may opt for those that come in solid block colors and monotone lines. However, you may use those that come in the shades of red, green and gold if in case you’re celebrating holidays such as Christmas and New Year.

4. Knitted winter scarves.

Knitted winter scarves are among the most common. Though they are the most functional because they are thick and perfect to endure the cold, but most of them come in unfashionable designs and patterns. Some also come with matching sweaters especially when they are custom-made.

Among the best instances to wear a knitted winter scarf is during family reunions. This would definitely match your knitted sweater, mittens and bonnet. This scarf is great for kids to wear too, as they are very capable in keeping them warm even while outside. Though if you're interested in remaining fashionable it's possible that a knitted scarf is not for you.

Some tips about winter scarves:

Winter scarves are often made at home, although many variants are already available in stores. If you are after originality and would like to show off a scarf that’s uniquely yours, or if you want one that’s made out of love, then go for the home-made kinds. Meanwhile, if you want a scarf that’s ready to use anytime, anywhere, then a pre-made scarf certainly does the job.

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