Toward a Fashionable Scarf that Transcend Gender - 2013.10.26

Italy is a nation that appreciates craftsmanship perhaps more than any other in the world. France embodies wine, Germany celebrates functional precision and Switzerland encapsulates humanitarian work and neutrality. By the same token Italy is best known for its sensual connection to beauty, which in the case of fashion usually transcends gender.

For example, in the U.S., an Italian Designer Scarf is an accessory that a woman would wear with a dress or coat as expression of individual style. But in Italy, men also use fashion to distill a visual interpretation of the internal self. A brightly colored scarf is a whimsical tie, a plaid scarf is a geometric contrast to stripes or camouflage for the design adventurous, and a winter weight designer scarf from Italy is a functional conduit for color.

For men in the U.S., where the smallest departures from standard clothing selections can be considered brazen, particularly in the professional arena where a dress shirt can convey career status and a tie a cultural statement. 

A fashionable men's scarf that strikes the correct note may be an unusual sight in the U.S., but according to some fashion experts, more men are using designer express and present a personal brand.

Perhaps in the U.S., more men will celebrate color, image, sophistication and appearance. Fashionable dress will be embraced by all. A man will wear a scarf similarly as a woman in an assertion of gender equality that stems from an appreciation of design and personal style. 

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