Buy a Scarf, Buy a Shawl - 2013.10.06

Buy a Scarf or Buy A Shawl

When it comes to deciding rather to buy a scarf or buy a shawl the answer is to buy both. Many people do not know that there is a distinct difference between buying a scarf and buying a shawl, because they are two different pieces. In the fashion world, any true fashionista can tell the difference between a scarf and a shawl, without looking at the tag. Unless you spent years watching The Devil Wears Prada chances are you have no clue what that difference is between these two ultra-chic accessories. To better prepare you for what to buy we made a list of the features that distinguish a scarf from a shawl.

The Scarf

The scarf is a truly diverse piece that allows you to use it for both fashion and purpose. A scarf can be made in several fabrics, colors, and sizes. You can wear a scarf in the winter months to keep you warm or the spring months to accent your sheer leggings and crop top. The scarf is also known to be worn as a bandana, head wrap, or if large enough, a skirt over your swimsuit. A scarf can be decorative and truly functions as a core piece to your wardrobe. Both men and women wear scarves and nearly every fashion designer known to man makes them. It is not hard to find a reason to use a scarf lying around.

The Shawl

The shawl is not as versatile as the scarf in regards to use, however the shawl has some unique features of its own and it is still a very dynamic piece to your wardrobe. Shawls are used for similar reasons as the scarf when it comes to wrapping them around your waist, dressing them up, or using them for fashion. However, the shawl is more formal and used for accenting an outfit more than it is warmth from the winter, although it can be used for both. The major difference between the two is that the shawl is used for prayer and can be very well put together, in detail, threading, and size. The shawl is best when it is draped across the shoulders and is often its signature style.  

The Wrap-Up

No this is not a type of scarf or shawl however it is a conclusion. What we can extract from these two fashion pieces are that we need them both for their own reasons. It is always best to have one for each occasion. For example, rather you are going to a formal event or a winter ski trip you want to have a scarf and a shawl. Reason being you are able to use your scarf for the ski trip and your shawl for the resort dinner following shortly after. You can often interchange the items for the same outfit or even use them both on the same outfit however, it is important to know they are different and you can tell the difference at the blink of an eye if you know what you are looking for.   

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