How to Care for Scialle Scarves and Shawls - 2014.01.10

Most Scialle Scarves are made from silk or cashmere. When  you buy a silk scarf or one made of cashmere it important to know how to care for them. These two material are expensive and easy to damage. It is suggested that you don't wash them in a washing machine but do this by hand. The scarves dye runs and often the material gets easily snagged.

For silk scarves, start by putting some soap in a medium basin with lukewarm water. Add 1/4 teaspoon of salt to keep the color from running.  Immerse the scarf gently in the water and swish it around for about 5 minutes. Rub the water and soap gently in using your hands. Let it sit another 10 minutes in the water.  Rinse the scarf under clear cool running water until in runs clean.

Next fill the sink with cool running water and add some distilled white vinegar. Put the scarf in the water this will remove soap and other dirt.  Rinse it again under cool water front the faucet. Gently squeeze the water out until it is clear.  Lay the scarf on a large towel than roll it over the scarf to absorb moisture. Unroll and lay the scarf to dry on another  large towel.

This same method can be used for cashmere scarves too. Never machine wash a cashmere scarf if you don't want to hand wash  it have it dry cleaned. When you buy a silk shawl or cashmere you want to keep it looking like new. The best way to keep it in good condition is to hand wash it like the scarves.

When you care for silk or cashmere shawls properly they last for years. Dry cleaning is the suggested method but you can hand wash them too. Shawls are larger than scarves so the kitchen sink works well. Fill sink with cool water and add Woolite or other products safe for silk or cashmere. Dissolve the detergent or soap before immersing in water.

Gently immerse the shawl making sure that it gets completely wet. Set a timer and let it sit in the sink for about 5 minutes. Remove shawl and place on large dry towel and rinse out sink adding cold water. Put shawl and swish around to remove soap and dirt. Repeat until the water comes clean. Blot excessive moisture from the shawl with towels. Leave it on a large towel to dry spread it out evenly.

Another method is have a large basin and baby shampoo. Fill it up with cold water and dissolve the baby shampoo in the water. Always make sure the soap or shampoo is completely dissolved in the water because it can stain or fade colors of the shawl. Immerse the shawl in the water and gently knead it for a few minutes.

Throw out the water and remove the shawl to a towel. Fill up the basin with cold water and put the shawl in swishing around until it free of soap. Blot with  towel to remove excessive moisture. Hang it on a bar or wardrobe hanger to dry. You can iron it using a cotton sheet or cloth over it so the iron does not touch the shawl.

When you buy a silk shawl or when you buy a silk scarf invest the time learning how to properly care for them.


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